Our business is constantly a work-in-progress. We are never satisfied with the way things are and always want to improve our process, program, and service for our contractors. This isn’t necessarily a unique position—most companies, when asked, would claim to strive to be “better”. Several weeks ago, we asked ourselves if we were only talking […]


Many of us think about crimes in a personalized way. Crimes are unexpected, painful, and often feature an identifiable human perpetrator and an identifiable human victim. But the crimes we most often experience in finance are much more impersonal. They are the seemingly minor transgressions by one person directed at an entity, which makes it seem victimless. “It’s OK,” […]

Tres contra uno

Whether we admit it or not, we all subscribe to some concept of “fair”.  However, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, fair is also largely subjective.  What is fair to me may not seem fair to you. For example, it is well-known in financial circles that banks are not fond of […]


Choosing to work with a new company/individual isn’t easy. “Change” from working with one professional to another is even more difficult. It takes diligence and time to research your options and come to a well-informed decision. When all that glitters is not gold, it’s up to you to use the resources at your fingertips to […]

A few days ago, Adam Davidson penned an article for the New York Times called It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave.  The article is worth reading as it covers in detail something I’m seeing with family and friends; kids don’t leave home at 18 anymore (or 25, or sometimes even 30).  If widespread, this […]


Every business makes promises like the “best burger in America” or the “#1 windows in the USA”. Here at Medallion Bank, we often run into buzz phrases like “quick fundings” or “fast approvals”. These promises are generic and difficult to prove with real evidence. Does “quick funding” mean within 24 hours? Are “fast approvals” decided […]


In the world of home improvement, advertising opportunities are endless. There are countless magazines, digital newsletters, online publications, sponsorships, social media platforms (Facebook, anyone?), and many more options if you’re willing to pay to play. But what if your budget is a little tighter, or what if traditional marketing/advertising hasn’t produced the best ROI for […]

Recently, we sat down with Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries/Classic Metal Roofing, to discuss the manufacturing side of the Home Improvement industry. Isaiah Industries manufacturers metal roofing products and works with contractors nationwide. They stand as an example of an honest, successful business built on American-made products. MB:     Todd, can you tell us […]


Reading a lot has become one of my most treasured habits.  Whereas it was once only books and newspapers, today I read books, magazines, blogs, online news, whitepapers, emails, etc.  There is an unbelievable amount of valuable content published today – and a lot of garbage, too.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference! When I […]

Mike DeCarlo Biking 2014.05.12

Guest post by Michael DeCarlo, Chief Compliance Officer at Medallion Bank One does not typically combine compliance with mountain biking in the rain and mud.  Compliance is typically something that none but a few compliance officers think of as a “fun time”. There are so many new regulations in banking coming out, it’s hard to keep up […]


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